Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Show Notes - 08/09/2011

We spoke with Shelly Palmer, Host of NBC Universal's Live Digital with Shelly Palmer and Fox 5 New York's On-Air Tech expert. We spoke to him about Facebook's Facial recognition and the fact that users would have to opt OUT of it rather than select it to be enabled. While many people judge this sort of thing, Shelly reminds us of the obvious which is that Facebook is free. People who get something for nothing will usually complain about it...society being what it is. Check out Shelly's website for more on the digital world and you will get lost on his site for hours.

Then we discussed Disc Cloning software and how the benefits of this are slightly better than that of backing files up because when you clone a disc, you are making an exact replica of everything on your hard drive at that given time, including all your software and settings. RAID systems were also discussed.

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Disc Cloning - Wikipedia

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