Sunday, August 14, 2011

Show Notes - 08/14/2011

Issues Issues Issues

Yes tonight with all the issues going on, we covered a few big bullet points. First is a disturbing story about unhappy workers leaving their jobs voluntarily in hopes of finding greener pastures. This is disturbing because we cannot imagine someone leaving a job voluntarily in this economic fabric and taking their chances on unemployment hoping for something better. Would anyone really dare to do that even in a good economy? Well, about 2 million Americans decided to do it and that is up 35% in the past two years.

Next, Verizon is on strike. Well Joel took issue with this because unions seem to make things unfair for the rest of us hard working people out here. You already make a better salary than most of us and have better benefits than most of us and you need more and more. Certainly it is not all the fault of the employees. There are officers of the unions that make these greedy decisions. Meanwhile, workers are put out to strike instead of working and making money to support their families. As caller Jack says, this is not the 1930s anymore.

For more on what happened on the show, check out the links below to the news that we covered.

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