Monday, October 17, 2011

Show Notes - 10/16/2011

The BIG show tonight featured our monthly Tech Sunday episode where in the first half hour Joel and Tony talked about something so many of us admit is vital when the time comes of a hard drive crash, but seldom is done on even a regular basis and that is BACKING UP YOUR DATA

While you can usually restore your operating system, and even most or all of the programs you had on the machine prior to a hard drive crash, the likelihood of you being able to retrieve those old family photos , your music collection, or especially in the workplace, those critical accounting records are often irreplaceable.

How does one solve this? By setting up and FOLLOWING a routine that backs up your PC daily, weekly or whenever you make a change. Many times, backup software can run at night, or in the background and you won't even know it is there. But there are easier ways too. A simple External USB or other type of media, CD, DVD, etc can be used in drag and drop fashion and allow you to move files easily, even if you are a novice.

Later, Tony and Joel talked about the various anti-virus software packages and why people even turn them off or uninstall them and how to make them run more efficiently. They also talked about some of the common problems in email and other problems some anti-virus programs have and how to resolve them.

Later on the program, we featured our monthly segment, Ideas for A Challenging Economy with Kay Stout. Discussion included not talking negatively about your workplace on your social networking sites. Also, Kay recommends that you not dismiss the holiday season as a time to reach out to networking contacts because many people begin hiring campaigns in the new year. Keep in touch, let them know that you are still out there.

Finally, Kay interviewed Matt Crevin. Matt is the public Address announcer for the San Francisco 49ers. He also operates a website and show called "Voice of the Box". He interviews people who work behind the scenes in sports and passes the information to everyone interested. Sports is a career field that shows no evidence of slowing up as far as growth and there are many overlooked opportunities to work in various aspects of the field. Visit Matt's website below to learn more about the opportunity that he reveals and how you can reach him for more info. Matt will appear on a future episode to speak some more about these opportunities and his show.

Have a question for our next show? Email us with it and we'll read it on the air and also comment/answer it for you as well.

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