Sunday, October 30, 2011

Show Notes - 10/30/2011


On the show tonight, we spoke about some bothering news stories, including a police officer who shot a dog after throwing him down a stairwell. According to witnesses, the dog was in no way displaying fearful tactics towards anyone including the officer but he tackled the dog, wrestled him to the ground, pulled his arms behind his back and then threw him down a stairwell before firing several shots into the dog executing him. What is wrong with society? This type of behavior is typical in serial killers just before they target other humans.

Then we talked about how your Twitter feeds are recorded by the US Library of Congress for posterity sake and maybe so they can just spy on us plus some new intelligent street lights systems that may be designed especially for big brother to watch and record our activities. You decide, we had some indecision here.

The BIG guest was Dr. David Oester from the International Ghost Hunters Society. Dave stopped by and talked to us about some ghost hunting techniques including EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). EVP is the technique of recording ghost voices to document life after death. Also, he spoke about the difference between ghosts and parallel dimensions (doppelgangers). Some quick facts about performing your own ghost hunts, the veil between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest point 2-3 days on either side of a new moon or full moon and at Christmas time. Visit his website below to learn more and SEE more. Plus a link to the famous Gettysburg Wheatfield Ecto photo taken by our own Sharen 4 days before a full moon.

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International Ghost Hunters Society - Official Website
Gettysburg Wheatfield Ecto - Photo by Sharen Michalec

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