Sunday, November 20, 2011

Show Notes - 11/20/2011


Our guest on the show this week was a return expert, Matthew Stein. Mat has just published his new book, "When Disaster Strikes" which encompasses many elements of his previous book, "When Technology Fails". It also expands on some of the most important things that you need to know when a disaster arises. The book is very well written and is in a condensed form so that it fits well in your survival pack. Mat says it's like insurance; buy it and have it in case you need it. We agree, you will not be sorry.

Later on the show, Sharen and Joel had a "discussion" as to why there are different rules for men and women like a man is not allowed to buy a woman a vacuum cleaner as a gift but it is OK for a woman to buy a man a cookware set. Just putting that out there to see if it sticks. Do you have an opinion? We'd like to entertain them, just drop us a line.

Also, is it just us (and everyone else) or is Christmas arriving earlier and earlier with each passing year? As Sharen observes, soon we will have the decorations up all year long.

TRIVIA QUESTION - What is the origin of Black Friday? Two possible answers but only one needed to win a Behind The Mike prize pack. Email your answer to us at The correct entries will be put into a hat for the winning draw and announced Sunday night November 20.

Have a question for our next show? Email us with it and we'll read it on the air and also comment/answer it for you as well.

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