Sunday, December 04, 2011

Show Notes - 12/04/2011

Tonight on the show we featured the singing duo, AZALEA. Benjamin and Mia sat down with us and talked about their "outside the box" style of writing music and we featured their hit single, Abilene, from their EP Coffee & Kisses. Check out their website below for more information and where you can grab your copy of the EP, you Hoser!

Later, we covered some real pulitzer winning news like the 30 year old Jennifer Harris, who tried to burn her friend's home down while her and her husband slept because her friend un-friended her on Facebook. Be careful who you un-friend. Then, TSA agents in Virginia razzled a 17-year old woman because she has a designer purse with a 2" embroidered handgun on the purse. Apparently, you cannot have pictures or embroidery of handguns on planes and apparently, you could get a job as a TSA agent even if you are DEAD!

Herman Cain has suspended his political campaign due to allegations of sexual affairs. Though he may have been a front-runner, he certainly had his issues with foreign affairs. Not sure he was as much a front-runner as he may have looked. However, looking at the rest of the candidates in the Republican choices, it does not look like they have anyone who can beat Obama in the election...scary!

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Azalea Music - Official Website
Coffee & Kisses - Buy the EP at CDBaby
Woman 'tried to burn down house of long-time friend who defriended her on Facebook'
Florida teen detained by TSA for design on her purse

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