Sunday, January 22, 2012

Show Notes - 01/22/2012

On a very full show tonight we began with an interview with James Dirschberger. James is the Director of the Independent documentary film, "Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer". The film chronicles the rise of Dwyer in Pennsylvania politics to the role of State Treasurer (1981-1987) to his suicide end on January 22, 1987. Visit the link below to the film's website to see great documentation of the bribery scandal, court case and more and buy the DVD to see this fantastic work.

Later we had a conversation with Michael Carrier, Professor at Rutgers School of Law. Michael talked about Congress' attempt to censor internet web sites on behalf of the Motion Picture Association, record labels and more. Although there was a temporary stay by way of citizen reaction this week which sent lawmakers backtracking and tabling the vote. Michael believes that this is not the last we hear on this issue.

We also covered a couple news stories; one of which was a tragic story from San Antonio, TX where a friendly dog, who jumped on a 10 year old girl being attacked by two other dogs to shield her, was deemed by the Animal Care Services and courts as dangerous and now is under a lot of scurrilous restrictions. The other two dogs, by the way, were euthanized. The other big story was the United States Postal Service is raising their rates on January 23, 2012 but will they refrain from throwing packages over people's fences with no regard for contents? I suppose we will see.

Ray Gauthier, host of Back To The 80s, joined us to close off the program and give us a look into how the show is going. We love Ray, he plays EIGHTIES music, I mean...c'mon! Listen every week to the show!

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