Sunday, April 29, 2012

Show Notes - 04/29/2012

Tonight on the program, we presented our monthly segment, FREE TECH SUPPORT. This is your opportunity to get some free advice on PC issues. Tonight we extensively covered the DNS Changer Malware package. If your computer is affected, you could suffer a "no internet" issue come July 9th. To see if you are affected or not, click the link below:

If you are safe, it will tell you that your condition is green. If you are infected then it will show your condition as red. Check the links section below to see the FBI PDF file that explains more and what to do if you are affected. Catch the podcast for more tech tips as we talked about RAM, having your Hotmail hacked and more.

Later we spoke with Lisa Belkov-Snyder, who is creator & host of the first female-owned sports talk show for women. We discussed her uniqueness with her program in that she brings the sports perspective to women and uses sports as a universal language to reach them on related topics. You can hear LIVE With Lisa each weekend on Mile High Sports - see link below.

Have a question for our next show? Email us with it and we'll read it on the air and also comment/answer it for you as well.

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FBI Paper on DNS Changer Malware
Mile High Sports - Website
Live With Lisa - Official Website

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