Sunday, June 03, 2012

Show Notes - 03 June 2012

On the big show tonight, Eric from WBZH 1370-AM's "Youth of the Nation" stopped by to give us a peek into some of the issues we were discussing and how the reaction to the younger crowd is. Some of the issues we covered on the show were the FAA Bill that looks to introduce some Orwellian issues as it pertains to the use of unmanned aircraft (drones, or...spyplanes) over US soil. We also looked at the Department of Homeland Security's list of words that you should not use unless you are looking to be raided by the government. Freedom of speech is dead, start speaking pig-latin.

Will McVay, who is the Delaware Libertarian Party Vice Chair and running for the 32nd Representative District in Delaware stopped in to comment with us on these issues. We are always gracious to have Will's input on the show.

Later, we interviewed Meisuree Ooh La La, ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion, regarding his win over "The Boss" Mike Tartaglia. Soon after the interview started, Tartaglia called in to dispute Ooh La La's rendition of the story and challenged him to a rematch on July 14th. Should be a good match up.

Have a question for our next show? Email us with it and we'll read it on the air and also comment/answer it for you as well.

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