Sunday, December 16, 2012

Show Notes - 12/16/2012

Topics/Guests on tonight's episode of Behind The Mike:

Sean Sublette - Chief Meteorologist at WSET-TV affiliate in Lynchburg, VA joins us regularly to discuss what else but weather. Sean always drops by and gives us great information about the season we are in and has great answers to our questions that we throw at him. He explains the theories of why the Mid-Atlantic should not annually count on a white Christmas and also explains what weather patterns are on the way over the next two week. You can follow Sean Sublette on Facebook here and also on Twitter here!

Ariel and Shya KaneAriel and Shya Kane are award-winning authors and internationally acclaimed consultants and seminar leaders whose transformational approach allows people to discover satisfaction and increased productivity in all areas of their lives, without working on their "problems." They are expert guides who, with great skill and humor, bring people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and brilliance of the moment. They join us tonight to discuss their book, "How to Have a Match Made in Heaven". Find out more about them and their show Here!

We also discussed the recent tragedy in Newton, CT, a story about the strong possibility of Hostess Brands being saved as well as some holiday music, The List and much more.

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